A brand can be a friend. I picked up this idea when I was in design school and that is how my very personal project started: Jan Jan Lille Svan.

A brand can be a friend. Somebody who knows you, somebody who has answers to your questions, somebody who gives you comfort. So, you better make a brand your friend. Looking at my friends, I feel that the one's that I'm the most connected to, are the one's that I share the most honest feelings with: joy, sorrow, love, loss. Knowing them to be human, imperfect, fragile. Knowing they are themselves. So, I can be myself. There is no facade. A friend doesn't have to be ever strong, eternally beautiful, larger than life. A brand doesn't have to be either. A brand can be just like yourself. 

That is where Jan Jan Lille Svan comes into play. Jan Jan Lille Svan is insecure, uncertain, imperfect. Jan Jan Lille Svan is no superhero. He is just like you. Jan Jan Lille Svan appears on prints, shirts, objects, ideas,… Jan Jan Lille Svan can be your brand-friend.